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Whatever it is, we can probably do it...

We get special requests from customers who are looking for something different in their yard.  From fish ponds to farm ponds, from fireplaces to furniture and more, we have given our customers what they were looking for - even when they weren't sure what they were looking for - Our company founder has a way of looking at rock and knowing what it wants to be.  Here are a few examples...

To the left is a fish pond as envisioned by one of our customers.  She wanted a little reverie where she could listen to the water fall, watch small fish swim with some aquatic plants and a spot that birds could come to for a drink of water or a splash on a hot summer's day.

Below right is a farm pond with patio and retaining walls.  Steps lead up to the house.  What a lovely spot in which to relax and reflect on the day.





Customer's often look for something unique to their personalities as well as to the land.  One customer wanted uncommon seating so Lance built Adirondack chairs out of stone.  The customer was thrilled. 



















No job is too big or too small but we do find that many customers tend to think big.  Photos below show the low side of the terraced walls and at the top is a large patio with an incredible fireplace. 













Another of our unique offerings is the stone picnic table.  First displayed at the Portland Flower Show in 2009, these became a popular item. Each is one of a kind because of the natural differences in the stone.  Each table top or bench can never be exactly duplicated.





















If you like an open fire, a stone fire pit is a natural way to go...













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