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Palermo, MILL stabilization, Fall 2016

Lance and his crew did a wonderful job tearing down the sawmill and cleaning it up.  They were really kind and patient, answering many local folks’ questions and explaining what and how they were doing what they were doing.  You couldn’t have picked a nicer, hard-working crew.  I know because I spent a lot of time down there taking videos and photos (and staying out of the way). 


It has been a pleasure working with 2 professionals like you and Lance. The Town of Surry appreciates the outstanding efforts of your Company.

Freeport, Private way signposts, Fall 2014

I just returned home from being out and I see that magically the signs have appeared and they do look great.  Really nice work.  It helps set off the neighborhood in a very tasteful and understated way.

harpswell, patio and landscaping, Fall 2014


Matt, please pass along my thanks to Lance, Levi, Tony and Kyle. They did an amazing job considering the weather they had to contend with

We want to thank you and the crew for a wonderful job.  Looking forward to when we can try it out and start usintg the new yard and stone patio.  Thanks again. 


, Inc.

Linkel Construction

Incredibly artistic hard working and honest stoneworkers and landscapers. Lovely bunch of charismatic characters!!

Exceptionally wonderful, hardworking and creative people. Thank you for your beautiful stonework!

You may search far and wide, but you will not locate a finer firm to do business with than Linkel Construction.  Our family is delighted with how our recent sea wall project was managed, successfully completed, all with the final cost exactly as estimated - to the penny.  

We were quite anxious about the entire proceedings right from the start, given tight quarters and the logistical complexities involved, but Lance Linkel personally met with us beforehand, explained all facets of the work, allaying our concerns.  He urged us to visit a site he recently completed in the area and those clients expressed high praise and highly recommended him. 

As promised, we were notified when the equipment was to arrive, and kept informed of each day's progress and problems via email. One person from Lance's crew is the contact person for the project so you always know who to go to for answers.  We were invited to watch, take pictures, and view all the proceedings.

The crew was skilled, polite, eager to please. Lance was on site throughout the entire project, directing all facets of the work and handled the largest pieces of equipment with ease. An unforeseen setback was taken in stride, overcome, and the sea wall was established as promised. Roses were planted, the hill graded, and best of all, the entire site was re-seeded, sodded, and returned to new, exactly as specified in the contract.

Not only were we treated as valued clients, but the firm twice invited us to select Christmas wreaths (from their retail landscaping store ), hand-crafted as we watched, as an added bonus.

Lance's firm is clearly the best, and you will be genuinely satisfied by his commitment to quality, integrity, and dependability.

Brunswick, Bluestone Patios, Granite Walkways, Cobblestone apron and landscaping

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Harpswell, Rip Rap Seawall, Fall 2014