Dam Removal Experts

Linkel Environmental Construction has worked on several dam removal projects over the years.

We’re proud to have been able to increase the flow of water in Maine. Did you know Maine has “more miles of undeveloped free-flowing rivers than any other state in the Northeast United States?”¹ Did you also know Maine has over 1,000 dams in the state according to the Maine Preservation website. 

The removal of defunct dams has not only increased the free-flow of water but it has benefited alewives, Atlantic salmon and sturgeon. They’ve been able to return to spawning grounds once denied them. And, the bald eagle has also made a comeback because migrating fish offer them an abundant food source.

Linkel Environmental Construction dam removal engineering techniques have helped improve the health of Maine rivers. We’ve removed toxins found at the bottom of removed dams. We’ve mitigated damage due to erosion. We used natural materials to restore riverbanks including tree planting and adding rocks and vegetation to stabilize them.

Over the years we have worked with a variety of organizations to safely remove defunct dams. They include: The Department of Marine Resources; Department of Environmental Protection; Maine Rivers; and the Natural Resource Council of Maine.


¹ Maine Rivers Study 1982