Shoreline Erosion Control – Brunswick Maine

Learn how we stabilized a shoreline slope on one of Maine’s most vulnerable coastlines.

Seawalls & Revetments

We are equipped to stabilize thousands of feet of shoreline or simply add a few steps to your front yard.

Fish Ladders

Allow salmon and alewives migratory access to their spawning grounds increasing fish population in Maine rivers and streams.

Dam Removal

Not only provides fish access to spawning grounds but is an opportunity to remove decades old pollutants.

Seawall Construction by Maine’s Coastal Erosion Specialist

Seawall construction on Maine’s coast is our core business. But, it is not all we do at Linkel Environmental Construction. Coastal erosion solutions are always evolving. It’s why we’ve developed more than just seawall construction solutions.


Our expertise and experience is why so many Maine waterfront property owners have trusted us to solve their erosion problems. We’ve been doing this work for over thirty years.


Whether it’s a granite seawall, a rip-rap revetment or a living shoreline Linkel Environmental Construction has the right solution. Our knowledge and experience is why so many people trust Lance and his team. The end result is a long lasting coastal erosion solution.


The Linkel Environmental Construction team has delivered hundreds of successful projects to solve the environmental concerns of Maine water property owners just like you. We look forward to helping you.

“Lance’s firm is clearly the best, and you will be genuinely satisfied
by his commitment to quality, integrity, and dependability.”

Rip-Rap Seawall Customer Harpswell, ME 2014

We have long standing relationships with the Atlantic Salmon Federation; the Maine Department of Marine Resources; Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; Department of Environmental Protection; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization; Natural Resources Conservation Service; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to name a few.


Our certification is for both ocean and lakefront property erosion control Other work we have completed includes the construction of fish passages. This allows migrating fish to get back to their spawning grounds. And, related to this work is the removal of several defunct dams over the years.


Take a moment to review our work. Do you want more information? We’d be happy to talk over the phone or come out and take a look. Give us a call or drop us a line.

What To Look For…


Environmental engineers appreciate our field experience and what we bring to a project.


It’s amazing how the knowledge we’ve acquired over the past thirty years helps in some form on each project.


We do everything in our power to keep existing trees and landscape in place. Our specialized machinery shapes earth and stone into a beautiful setting..