Surry Dam – Stone Pools, Weir Fishladder

The Surry Alewife Ladder Project is located on Patten stream where route 172 crosses over.  

Affiliated Organizations: Surrey Alewife Committee; Department of Transportation; Department of Marine Resources; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; NOAA Fisheries, Gulf of Maine Council; Maine Coast Heritage Trust; Blue Hill Heritage Trust

Project Details

DOT culvert caused a 5ft drop in Patten stream over ledge preventing alewives from reaching their freshwater spawning grounds. Each year volunteers would net alewives downstream of the culvert and release them upstream so they could reach spawning grounds.

A series of five stone weirs, each about 8 inches high were built to elevate the water to eliminate the drop. Construction included re-purposed stones from the “Singing Bridge” which use to carry Route 1 over Taunton Bay.  Two stainless steel 1 ½” pins were used per stone to pin the stone to the ledge. Upstream of stones, a layer of mulch was used to seal stones. A layer of rip-rap protects the mulch. Now alewives can travel through the culvert under Route 172 and upstream to their spawning grounds.