Meadow Brook – Brooksville

Meadow Brook is part of the Bagaduce Watershed off Coast Road in Brooksville.

Affiliated Organizations: Blue Hill Heritage Trust; Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries; Nature Conservancy of Maine; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Maine Department of Environmental Protection; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Maine Coast Heritage Trust; Maine Sea Grant.

Project Details

A structure to control the waterflow of the stream was washed out in the 1950’s changing the stream channel and preventing alewives and other fish from reaching their spawning ground in the Bagaduce Watershed.. 

Install a new section of streambed on Meadow Brook with local stone. This maintained upstream water levels while allowing water and fish to travel over and through the new rock-ramp section of the streambed. Now alewives have access to the diverse and complex Bagaduce Watershed. Their presence renews the ecological integrity of the watershed.