River and Wetland Restoration

Linkel Environmental Construction has been involved in many of Maine’s wetland restoration efforts. 

In our small way we’ve done some of the heavy lifting needed to restore part of Maine’s forested and coastal wetlands. Our ecosystem can only improve when we repair and restore our waterways. They are a complex system of rivers, streams, wooded and shrubbed swamps, bogs, fresh and saltwater meadows, marshes and floodpains.  

River and wetland restoration is all about preventing polluted runoff from land use activities to reach surface water.  The hope of wetland restoration projects is to encourage fish and wildlife to come back to streams and creeks that were once unhealthy. Ultimately restoration projects lead to healthier ocean waters, cleaner beaches for humans and safer shellfish harvesting. 

Most of Linkel Environmental Construction’s river and wetland restoration work consists of providing areas of natural vegetation for runoff water to flow through and directing it to areas where it can soak into the ground without entering the surface water. Our ability to use heavy equipment in sensitive areas is what makes us special. 

We have a long history of working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to restore Maine’s rivers and wetlands.